VR 360° Video Meetup Munich #4


VR 360° Video Meetup Munich #4 Lineup

We will present some awesome topics at the event.

We will take a look at the Gear 360 Camera by Samsung. The first 4k 360° videocamera to hit the market. I got one straight from Korea and it is awesome!!!!!!!!! We will also take a look at the LG 360 Cam.


Jürgen Schrader, Vice President der IVRPA 


gibt eine Zusammenfassung der wichtigsten Ereignisse der IVRPA Jahreskonferenz die vom 23. bis 28.Mai in Quebec, Kanada stattgefunden hat.

Miloš Marković – Spatial Audio for 360° Video

Miloš will be talking about Spatial Audio for 360° video.  The goal of spatial audio is to bring a third dimension to the audio experience created for visual media. We will have an overview of the capabilities of spatial sound recordings, so we can discuss pros and cons of spatial audio creation for 360° Video.

Clarence Dadson –  360° Video content, social media content of the future

Clarence of Design4real http://www.design4real.de will be talking about 360° Video integation in social media and the opportunities for content generators.

Afterwards as always there is time for a beer, a lot of networking and getting to know new like-minded people.

Clarence of Design4real will host the event.

See you there.

Cheers Clarence