[Frontend | Backend | Mobile | FullStack] Developers wanted

You think in syntax? You’ve mastered your favourite programming language? You like to try out new ways in exciting projects? Write us!

mantro is a company which specializes in… ah, c’mon, let`s just cut the crap, you can take a look at the website if you are interested in that.
We create products. Digital products. Digital products involve tech. We love tech.

On the frontend we use
On the backend we use
On mobile we use
To store data we use
To work we use
We favor
We provide (one of the bullet points is a lie!)

Well, if you made it until here you probably realized that we want to talk to you. Without a suit: we ain`t no ECorp. Via Skype. Or in person. With a coffee. Or a beer.

Come as you are, or write a mail to hello@mantro.net.

You are awesome!