mantro delivers digital business

Our strengths are our experience, our team and our environment. We believe that by collaborating with established organizations we can successfully bring substantial innovation in the digital space to life and create or secure jobs all around the world.
Key Facts

Our employees are our strength

At mantro we focus on the best, the most open-minded and the curious.

65 employees …

from 18 nations who care about building rockstar digital products

15 ventures in our portfolio …

… that taught us how to become a long term joint venture partner.

100% self funded… need for short term or exit driven strategies.

100% financially independent …

... gives us the freedom to focus only on excellent and valuable products.

More than a decade of experience

Our journey led us from being a software development company to running a cutting-edge digital tech company builder.
A new office in Zagreb opens its doors and over 60 mantrosen with 18 different nationalities work at mantro. We founded another 6 companies. Our business model evolves increasingly towards being a long term joint venture partner, as opposed to simply being a service provider.
We sell and hereby orchestrate our first exit. We found 6 companies in this year and grow our office space to 1500 sqm, planing the next extension to host more innovative joint ventures with our partners.
The team has grown to more than 50 people working in international product development projects. Our expertise is extended to topics like IoT and AR/VR where we introduce newest tech to products of our own and of our partners.
Real People

Our Team

Our diverse team consists of the best product designers & techies. They have extensive work experience in entrepreneurship, medium sized companies and enterprises and bring a variety of knowledge in all fields of company building: from business modeling and strategy, via lean prototyping and to scaling products into the market.