Innovation Lab Canvas – a method to design and evaluate corporate innovation labs

In my Job as the CEO of a company which claims to develop and deliver digital innovation, I regularly speak at conferences about the processes of innovation. One question that comes up quite often is about successful paths of innovation. Especially in corporates and big organizations innovation is often pursued in so called ‘innovation labs’. At mantro we have successfully established innovation labs for several of our customers in the past and helped out if labs went into the wrong direction.

absence. io – Our first Exit

Three years ago we started a journey in San Francisco that today ended with the official announcement of our Exit of

Kids coding at the mantro office

The mantro kitchen has already experienced some events. On Friday, just before the third advent, there was something new: many kids learning to code. Within the International Hour of Code, nearly 20 schoolchildren aged 9-14 met to learn to code. Directed by Start2Code, the kids learned how to code a game on their pc, and […]

NFC made in Germany (mainly)

NFC enables consumers to get to specific services quicker than ever. No need to read a QR code, no typing of URLs anymore – just tab your phone on something and something good (hopefully) will happen. Henkel Adhesive Technologies and the japanese printing company Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Toppan) created together with mantro a new […]

Good ideas are everywhere

The most creative people beneath us do nothing different than constantly combining existing ideas and solutions. Many times people approached me with their great ideas, saying they had no time to realize the idea themselves. In this moment I often knew what would follow next… »Wouldn’t it be a possibility to sell the idea to […]

12 Learnings from

Once a month is taking place at our office. This unique event format has not only found a place in our hearts, it enjoys a great popularity in the Munich ecosystem. What really happens during a night like this and how it feels to be a speaker, have a read here! Our speaker Magdalena […]

Five books to read this summer

Once our developer José sat at the beach and a guy actually screamed at him: “Your book is work related – throw it away, here is the trash can!” Well, we just can’t go without it. If you feel the same way, take a look at our team’s recommendations.

Leave request and approval process? Deleted…

We just abolished the leave request and approval process – because bureaucracy is not our thing… Many companies try to optimize the efficiency in the process for employees to request for annual leave. Typically, all employees are eligible to a certain amount of leave days, plan those over the year, coordinate with colleagues and place […]

Five ploys to convince your boss to become more innovative

Every big firm has a lot of innovation potential but most of them are only using a small fraction of it. Many are claiming that the missing ideas and idea management processes are to blame, when instead, the main share of the blame lies in the missing courage of executives.

Shielding knowledge hinders innovation. This is why we share our experiences.

Blogging is a great tool to get the attention of potential customers and employees, but we also love to share knowledge because we believe that knowledge expands fastest when you share it.

What is webpack

Some probably remember the ancient dark times of web development. You remember the horrors of managing your JavaScript dependencies by downloading some .zip file, put the needed .js files in a /scripts directory somewhere and including those files with a <script> tag in a specific order in you document. The same went for CSS and […]

We don’t know if Uber and Daimler will be one company in a decade, but we are already one industry

While media focuses it’s reporting about digital conference NOAH on #escortgate and Daimler executive Dieter Zetsche’s sneakers, I was surprised to see how close old and new economy already are. Executives from the old economy are wearing sneakers and startup founders wear button down shirts instead of hoodies. Everybody is chit chatting about investments, exits […]

Intrapreneurship Conference #7 Munich – Recap

The 21century is packed with business challenges! It is now clear that there is a need to incorporate intrapreneurship into wider business strategies in order to stay competitive. Bringing intrapreneurship out of the niche to the mass market allows smart businesses to adapt to changes and fast-paced environments. Under the topic “The good, the bad, […]

A successful build process

At mantro we are always looking for ways to improve our development workflow and we feel that the build process is a key factor for productivity. In our latest projects we used Jenkins, and we want to share our experience!

mantro is partner of Intrapreneurship Conference 2016

The Intrapreneurship Conference is coming to Munich in May 2016. Mantro is exclusive, local partner and participates with a keynote from Manfred Tropper.

mantro Internet of Things-Lab

For quite some time now mantro has built up more and more competence in regards of in house hardware prototyping. In order to realize our ideas and visions it’s important to…

Manfred Tropper is now mentor of the Bosch Start-up Platform

The innovation program “Bosch Start-up Platform” of the Bosch Startup GmbH in Ludwigsburg, Germany has built up a mentoring program for its upcoming batches. Our CEO Manfred Tropper is one of those mentors.

Meet our team

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