12 Learnings from 12min.me

Yannic Metz

Once a month 12min.me is taking place at our office. This unique event format has not only found a place in our hearts, it enjoys a great popularity in the Munich ecosystem. What really happens during a night like this and how it feels to be a speaker, have a read here!


Our speaker Magdalena Rogl, Head of Digital Channels at Microsoft Germany sat down and wrote us her 12 learnings from the 12min.me experience:

#1: This is really worthwhile

Ever so often, I wanted to come to 12min.me but always had something else supposedly important to do. So in January, 14.01.16 in fact I attended for the first time – better late than never ;) And at the end of the evening I really did regret it not being there before.

#2: Perfect organization

From the first mail about the speaker briefing, the technical setup – this event is perfectly organized from start to finish. So the networking in the end makes even more fun, of course!

#3: Entertaining moderation

Hannah Klose runs loose and still leads informative through the evening. She is literally providing a “red thread” for the evening.

#4: Diverting learnings

Three speakers plus startup pitches – that sounds like a pretty busy evening. But because of the time limit (12 minutes for the speaker and 144 seconds for the pitches) the official part takes less than an hour and you can also manage that after a hard working day. It is easy to follow ;)

#5: Exciting topics

The consul general of the Netherlands, a successful entrepreneur and a social media manager – the topics and speakers at 12min.me are so divers that certainly there is something for everyone.

#6: Colorful guests

I was really surprised how colorful the mix of participants was. Here you can meet not only the “usual faces” but really network across industries.

#7: Chance for startups

12min.me is the perfect opportunity to present yourself, to get feedback and to make important contacts – in a protected, casual environment.

#8: Time for the essentials

12 minutes sounds extremely short. But the time limit is perfect to really stick to the essence and not to bore the audience (hopefully).

#9: Good location

Yes, it is not necessarily the most central location. But you are faster at mantro than you expect. If you drive there are parking spaces directly in the courtyard.

#10: Tasty meals

Pretzel sticks and water. We know these from various networking events … but at 12 min.me there are really tasty snacks, soft drinks etc: even beer! Yay!

#11: Graphic recording

The trend to record presentations or lectures in an artful way, has also taken up mantro. The painted summary is a good reminder for the audience and is a perfect overview of the topics discussed.

#12: OMG 12 minutes

Admittedly, I was really afraid of the time. Mainly because I rather tend to talk a lot when I’m excited. That is why I rushed so that I finished 2 minutes early then planned. A miracle that anyone was still listening at my tempo ;)

Who is interested now, as a guest or even may want to become a speaker, have a look over here or write Olli.