Intrapreneurship Conference #7 Munich – Recap

Yannic Metz

The 21century is packed with business challenges! It is now clear that there is a need to incorporate intrapreneurship into wider business strategies in order to stay competitive. Bringing intrapreneurship out of the niche to the mass market allows smart businesses to adapt to changes and fast-paced environments.

Under the topic “The good, the bad, the ugly of Intrapreneurship” the No. 1 global platform for intrapreneurship stopped by in Munich from May 11-13th.

Over 3 days the conference hosted a broad range of delegates working in diverse sectors. As the local partner and host, we at mantro were honored to welcome distinguished corporate innovators from 23 countries including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, India, Jordan and Turkey, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, France and the UK, Mexico, Canada and the US.
A promise towards more innovation and growth brought together intrapreneurship enablers and thought leaders. We met true experts and driven intrapreneurs who weren’t afraid to share their knowledge. Providing the participants with honest and open insights, the case studies and workshops were key elements. It facilitated an atmosphere of empowering conversations.

It’s not just about that one crazy guy anymore. Intrapreneurship is seen by a growing number of C-suite exec’s as a viable strategy for innovation and growth, a vehicle for organizational and digital transformation, as well as a method for increasing employee engagement and supporting talent development.“

Sharing is caring – during the three days we had the chance to hear from industry experts about success and failures, difficulties and challenges throughout their intrapreneurship programs. The days were divided into the following themes:

  • Day 1 - The role of Intrapreneur(ship) in driving innovation and growth
  • Day 2 - The good, the bad, the ugly of Intrapreneurship
  • Day 3 - Culture, leadership and people

Whereas Day 1 was all about keynotes thematising’s about different business approaches including intrapreneurship and new investment approaches, our CEO Manfred Tropper shared how to find real intrapreneurs in organizations you work with.

Following this, the conference preceded by focusing on the importance of employee engagement and education within the intrapreneurial sector and capabilities needed to lead a team of intrapreneurs.

Day 2, then, allowed participants to engage in three different workshops which where all along the lines of practical experience, intrapreneurial case studies and collaborations with startups.

Based on the workshops of day two, methods, programs and tools for intrapreneurship, day three workshops were all about sharing stories of how putting the people at the core of their business can enhance and grow a successful intrapreneurship strategy. A key pillar here is diversity in the workplace that can help to bring together all kinds of both experts and talents.

Maneuvering through difficult and challenging times, generating cutting edge thinking and establishing a more entrepreneurial culture, as well as facilitating personal growth, can be seen as key success factors in intrapreneurship strategies as mentioned in the beginning of this article.

The 3rd day which was than framed as an “unconference” provided a space to tackle the very few questions that haven’t been answered during those days. Showing once again that this conference is one of a kind with its unique open and honest atmosphere, people were enthusiastically discussing and exchanging ideas.

Inspiring connections were built, lessons learned and we left with a feeling of pride that we were allowed to host the 7th Intrapreneurship Conference in Munich!