mantro Internet of Things-Lab

Yannic Metz

For quite some time now mantro has built up more and more competence in regards of in house hardware prototyping. In order to realize our ideas and visions it’s important to…

The internet of things is one of the most discussed topics today. Connectivity in any industry disregarding with or without end user focus or B2B in any field of application is the core of many projects to create new products or business models.

In our world it’s a core element for the successful development of new digital products to be able to cover all relevant tasks within a product development process. Therefore we’ve built up our IoT lab step by step. Hereby we can transform our ideas to reality rapidly fast.

We have learned that we can present our ideas and visions best when we make them ‘touchable’. Our IoT lab can bring even the most complex products to life and validate their feasibility. Markus Ortmann, CCO 

3D printing as the first step …

It all started with the first 3D printer. A combination of curiosity and concrete requirements from projects led us to buy the first device. Soon our CAD knowledge was reactivated with the first printed models.


… followed by the first prototype

What do you do with 3D models that don’t have any functionality? Give them functionality!

Based on electronic components from the Arduino platform the first functional prototypes were created. Their body was printed. That’s how we were able to show our product vision and its haptic to our partner. Hereby we created satisfaction and engagement.

Today our IoT lab is a central institution in the mantro headquarters. Three permanent employees are working in the lab. We evolved from printing models to delivering full stack functional prototypes including chip design and creation of custom boards. Thanks to our lab we can develop integrated product eco systems from hardware, software (i.e. mobile applications) and cloud server applications. Our product development speed has been accelerated even further.