Event talent who wants to create an impact

We are seeking support for the organisation of events and bringing content on our social media channels. Those tasks roughly cover 10-15 hours per week. But enough about us. It’s you who we want.

If you look for a job that covers more than the organisation of events, you can design the remaining time of your job by yourself, depending if you want to work 20, 30, or 40 hours per week. Here you can just tell us in which other way you want to bring value to our team.

You are an electronic technician and like to organise events? Perfect, we always need support in developing new IoT products that shape markets like our product Oilfox is doing at the moment.

You studied history and now want to take what you have learned from the past to design the future? That’s great! When developing new products, one always needs insights from what has worked in the past and we would be very happy to work with you.

These are just examples that aim to enlighten one fact: Important for us are you as a person! You are curious, like to make things happen and rather develop a pragmatic solution than a theoretical concept. We don’t want a profile, we want your talents.

What has to be done for our events?

Your necessary skills:

As an inspiration: Other jobs for which we need support

About us

We build products! Products that solve actual problems for customers und thus serve for the development of great new business models. Our customers are large companies from all kind of industries which see digitalization as a chance rather than a threat to their business.

If you have the feeling that you would like to join our team and contribute to our vision of making Innovation happen, send us an e-mail and meet us for a coffee: hero@mantro.net