Design Professional wanted

You live UX? You feel comfortable between user requirements, prototypes, wireframes and user tests? Your way is digital? We like to get to know you!

Your tasks

  • Design for websites, apps and presentations for customers from several industries
  • Give sparkle to websites, apps and presentation look nice that have already been designed by non-designers (and look crappy eventually)
  • Tell customers what is right, important and needed sparkle and what is really not necessary at all
  • It is very much up to you what your tasks are, based on your strengths


Your abilities

  • You rule in Adobe products and PowerPoint
  • Have a great feeling for what is nice and what isn’t
  • You can Imagine how responsive designs must work
  • html and css (you do not need to be able to write it, but at least you should get what the code tries to tell you)
  • Translate what your customer wants into good design


Your profile

We don’t care if you studied design or were just talented enough to get a job. Important is that you know how to work and what is important about good design. We very much like people with interesting experiences. People who just did what their teachers told usually don’t fit in our team.

Of course you played Pokémon GO, like to browse through great UI designs more than shopping but can also mingle with our customers.

You are bold enough to make a 3D-animation though you never did one and take your chance to do something your PM hasn’t asked you to because you know it better.
Still you are down-to-earth enough to fulfil your tasks in no time if there is no room for discussions.

If you feel like you are the right person, write us an email and let’s meet for coffee: