We draw strength from the diversity of our team. The digital world demands structures and competencies, which foster flexibility and speed. Ability to change and curiosity are the key innovation driver today. It is within our DNA to create new digital worlds. And it is our unique combination of experiences that allows us to be the strong partner we are today.

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.
Frederick Brooks

It is well known in the software development that scaling your team does not necessarily scale your velocity. This has become more relevant than ever with digital endeavors. The interdisciplinary work required for successful product launches and business model development demands for a perfectly operational, effective and efficient organism.



Holistic offering

Since its inception mantro applied a combination of different disciplines towards the end goal of creating unique digital experiences. From market analysis to business plan development, from mobile development to cloud architecture, from Design Thinking to User Experience Design, from product design to hardware development. We have the necessary experts to start immediately.


In the end, it's not your approach that decides whether your work is successful or not. It's the people involved that succeed in making a topic their own and that invest their passion and energy. The wide range of interests and competencies of our team members are exactly what makes more supple enough to react to constantly changing requirements and market situations. It enables us to make re-inventing ourselves a habit and to find the right answer to every question.


It's the environment that enables people to unleash their full potential. It's always been one of our core values to create room for creativity and performance. This room has to be more than just a hip and modern space though. It has to represent the people inside. And just like its people it has to live and improve itself. That's why our office is permanently changing. Just as we are.


Speed is our focus. A fast time-to-market is one of the most important success factors of new products. Through the years we've built up a network of friends and partners from various industries, that enable us to create connections that add value. While the old, stubborn and lonesome fighter ideals are still commonplace, the potential of partnerships is underestimated in many cases. We communicate, search for possible matches, combine knowledge from corporates and start-ups and create connections between enterprises.



Start-up experience

mantro has always been more than a service supplier. We evolved from our past role and honed our perspective for market shifts, new problems and niches. The founding of our own start-ups is the foundation of our own experience regarding the ups and downs during the creation of new products and business models. We combine our strengths and create solutions for needs that we feel ourselves. To be successful we force ourselves to regularly make difficult decisions, and to always question ourselves.



Investor experience

While investing in our own bootstrapped start-ups, we also act as investors for externally generated ideas. In these cases we evaluate business models, market opportunities and company DNA. We don't hide from risk: in all our joint ventures and investments we put mentoring in the middle. Money alone isn't everything to ensure one's investment. It's about helping the people to make the right decision and to give them access to our experience and network.

Corporate experience

Corporates seem to be slow, passive and doomed to failure in times of digitalization. While many of these prejudices are valid, this opinion ignores the great potential within huge enterprises. This potential has been fascinating us for more than ten years. The experience from digital projects with different corporates allows us to see the opportunities hidden between the needs and challenges. And it allows us to complement the strengths of the corporate with our own to accelerate even the slowest ship the speed where it needs to be.