12min.me – Expat Talks & Networking #3

Speakers & Themen

Sebastian Müller
CEO & Founder at frischlich

Kimo Quaintance
Lecturer at George C. Marshall Center and Cofounder of LK Networks

Jennifer Schwanenberg
Program Manager at next media accelerator

Über 12min.me

Einmal im Monat halten Experten und Young Professionals Vorträge zu einem bestimmten Thema Ihrer Wahl in Abstimmung mit dem 12min.me-Team in den gemütlichen Räumlichkeiten der Absolute Software GmbH. Zu jedem Termin gibt es jeweils 3 Vorträge, die sich mit dem „Binding Link“ von Tech- und Businessthemen beschäftigen. Jeder Vorträger unterliegt einer Herausforderung: Er muss sein Thema präzise auf den Punkt bringen, denn: Er hat GENAU 12 Minuten Zeit und die Uhr ist gnadenlos!

Auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch, egal. Nur eben kompakt, prägnant und auf den Punkt. Im Anschluss bekommt das Publikum ebenso maximal 12 Minuten, um Fragen zu stellen.

The third 12min.me Talk in Munich in ENGLISH 

Hello everybody & Servus München! 

We are welcoming on stage

Sebastian Müller, CEO & Founder at frischlich

Having built the core operations & logistics infrastructure at Westwing Home & Living, Sebastian comes with a strong background in e-commerce & operations. In his most recent ventures Sebastian has been focusing on the e-food sector. Just a few weeks ago, his team launched a fresh food platform for families (www.frischlich.de). By building a fully curated shopping experience, offering the highest quality food directly from local farmers and a great deal of convenience they are giving families back what they seek the most, quality family time. www.frischlich.de makes families life easy and cooking fun again.


Kimo Quaintance, Lecturer at George C. Marshall Center and Cofounder of LK Networks

Kimo Quaintance is a visiting lecturer in cyberpower and national security at the Bundeswehr University Munich, and at the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies in Garmish-Partenkirchen. He has been researching digital technology and international relations for more than 15 years on topics ranging from illegal online drug markets to the social networks of Somali refugees in Kenya. He regularly consults multinational companies, and European governments on the challenges and opportunities of mass digital connectivity, and is the co-founder of LK Networks, a cybersecurity consultancy based in Munich, Germany.


Jennifer Schwanenberg, Program Manager at next media accelerator 

Jenni Schwanenberg is Program Manager at next media accelerator. The europewide unique program is backed by ten media and advertising companies and invests into startups in this field. As a tourguide she brought to media executives to Silicon Valley in order to make them part of the pay-it-forward culture. Now she is bringing that to Hamburg. Prior she developed the Institute for Media Research and Development and the cooperative edlab.


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