12min.me – Expat Talks & Networking #4


Speakers & Themen

Pang Makerd
Digital Conversions Expert& Social Media Strategist

Life as Digital Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Paul Heardman
HM Consul-General, British Consulate-General, Munich

The British referendum on the EU

Hendrik Luehrsen
CEO Luehrsen // Heinrich GmbH

Events for Nerds, Geeks and Gamer - Ten things you should do

Über 12min.me

Einmal im Monat halten Experten und Young Professionals Vorträge zu einem bestimmten Thema Ihrer Wahl in Abstimmung mit dem 12min.me-Team in den gemütlichen Räumlichkeiten der Absolute Software GmbH. Zu jedem Termin gibt es jeweils 3 Vorträge, die sich mit dem „Binding Link“ von Tech- und Businessthemen beschäftigen. Jeder Vorträger unterliegt einer Herausforderung: Er muss sein Thema präzise auf den Punkt bringen, denn: Er hat GENAU 12 Minuten Zeit und die Uhr ist gnadenlos!

Auf Deutsch oder auf Englisch, egal. Nur eben kompakt, prägnant und auf den Punkt. Im Anschluss bekommt das Publikum ebenso maximal 12 Minuten, um Fragen zu stellen.

Finally the next English 12min.me! We are welcoming on stage this time:

Pang Makerd   Digital Conversions Expert& Social Media Strategist Life as Digital Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Pang is a Canadian Digital Lifestyle Entrepreneur residing in Munich… or sometimes in Canada and sometimes in Thailand. She’s the founder & CEO of her own digital marketing consulting firm,Pangferd, servicing the luxury travel & hospitality industry. She escaped the 9-5 office work week grind as a Clinical Manager in Canada to pursue her dream of independence from constrictive work hours and routines. Combining a passion for travel, storytelling and insight for digital trends, she traveled the world in 2012 and freelanced as a social media manager. After 3 years freelancing for New York Times Bestselling Authors, Celebrities, Online Stores, and Fortune 500 companies she founded her first consulting business having chosen a niche market in Luxury Travel. She’s now probably working even more than before but this time on her own terms and with a whole lot more freedom.


Paul Heardman   HM Consul-General, British Consulate-General, Munich The British referendum on the EU

Paul joined the UK civil service in 1995 and has specialised in European issues.  His first postings were in the UK’s Business Department, including as Assistant Private Secretary to the Industry Minister, and roles covering EU competition policy and EMU. Paul also worked on secondment to the European Commission in Brussels covering EU enlargement issues and in the UK Cabinet Office’s European Secretariat advising the Prime Minister’s office on European issues. Paul’s Foreign Office overseas postings include working in the UK’s Representation to the EU in Brussels, as well as 4 years in Berlin, firstly on secondment to the Federal Chancellery and then in the British Embassy as Head of the EU team. Most recently, Paul was Private Secretary to two successive British Ministers for Europe in London.


Hendrik Luehrsen CEO Luehrsen // Heinrich GmbH Events for Nerds, Geeks and Gamer – Ten things you should do

After studying movies and working in several Start Ups Hendrik Luehrsen founded the digital marketing agency Luehrsen // Heinrich with his partner Volker Heinrich. The agency works for national and regional clients like brands4friends, the MedienNetzwerk Bayern and Hippodrom. Additionally the agency and Luehrsen are participating in the Munich Nerd, Geek and Gamer scene. They are hosting and helping to organize events like the GameCamp Munich, the Games Bavaria Vernissage, the „Nacht des nacherzählten Spiels“ - Night of the retold game, the Super Geek Night and several other related events.


144 Second Pitch to be announced! 

We are looking forward to meeting you and welcome you at the mantro.net office! Feel free to spread the word, bring your friends and colleagues.

Best wishes, your 12min.me Team Munich