Tech on Deck “Smart Energy at Home” hosted by mantro


Speakers & Themen

Lara Voltmer
Innovation Manager

Stop planning and start doing it - how to develop a nice idea into a real and market ready product

Igor Andreichyn
Digital Lead FinTech & IoT

Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong - at least when it's about your technology

Manfred Tropper und Til Landwehrmann
CEO mantro und Oilfox UG

Co-Creation between Start-Up and Corporates - when and how it works and what the benefits can be for both

It’s time for another Tech on Deck, a meetup series which deep dives into the actual state of mind Germany’s tech startup ecosystem. Our aim is to discuss current problems, focussing on insights from industry leaders but giving you also the opportunity to give your input, connect to each other and create meaningful connections!