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Senior FRONTEND Developer (f/m/d)

Munich (remote)

You can harness technology to shape products? Join us! 🇺🇸
Du möchtest endlich mal mit Profis arbeiten? 🇩🇪
Želiš nadograditi karijeru? Sljedeća dva tjedna su ključna! 🇭🇷

We are:

we create products. we create companies. we have a technological heartbeat. we believe that innovation is human. and that group dynamics decide upon processes. we are in for the fun. and the fame.

We offer:

  • No bullshit 2021 work environment
  • True technical competence
  • Personal impact
  • Career option of becoming Lead Dev/CTO in one of our ventures
  • awesome colleagues
  • true™️ home office


Let's pause here for a moment. You can actually read all the technologies we use in the Fullstack Role on our website. So I don't want to repeat it all here 🤓

The honest thing is: we feel that the Fullstack job advert mainly attracts backend/devops afficionados.

This is cool and all, but we need to restore the balance here. The biggest kubernetes cluster cannot convince people to enjoy our products. But a good UI/UX can.

And I see the fear of being overrun in the eyes of our frontend personnel. They do not admit it yet, but I see it.

So from the bottom of the heart:

  • If you enjoy delivering value to the user...
  • By navigating the wild west of frontend development...
  • And don’t get nervous if your designer has their day off...
  • Talk to us!

Frontend development at mantro is not just transforming designs into HTML. It is taking ownership about the frontend itself. Architecture discussions, library/tool selection, concept discussions, etc, etc.

What we expect:

  • You are a true developer™️ (wait, or a designer?)
  • You are senior level.
  • You are not religiously believing in any particular technology, but in technology itself
  • English

Feel free to contact us with any further question, or just to have a first talk about our lord and savior: technology!

You are awesome

Come as you are, or write a mail to…

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