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You love creating digital products? You love the lean startup approach and understand why building an MVP is key? Write us!

What we do:

We create digital products from scratch. Sometimes we start with a problem, sometimes with a technology - there is no “one fits all”. However, what all our projects have in common: we don’t do things that do not make sense. We are more than just consultants. We do not only give advice, we actually get things done. Pragmatism and creativity help us testing our ideas and making sure we are on the right track.

We love focusing on creating real value and creating business models that solve real customer problems. We always focus on the customer and create products they love. By constantly collecting customer feedback, we ensure that we have the right product-market-fit.

How we do it:

  • Human-centered Design: We build Minimum Lovable Products for real humans, not corporate politics
  • Research & data-driven: We understand the people we built products for - we use tools like Personas, Empathy & Customer Journey Mapping
  • Business Modelling: We like our business to earn money, which is why we base all of our digital products on sound business cases, incl. cost & benefit projections & investment planning.
  • Venture building á la Lean Startup: We build businesses based on hypotheses that we constantly & rigorously validate. If they don’t work out, they are improved, changed, or dropped
  • Rapid Prototyping: We make our ideas tangible, building mockups, websites, 3d-prints - whatever gets the job done

We favor:

  • Pragmatic over dogmatic
  • Solutions over problems
  • Slack over skype
  • Beer over wine
  • Beef over Salad (speaking average here)

We provide (one of the bullet points is a lie):

  • a band room
  • a kicker
  • a table tennis table
  • basketball on the toilet
  • lots of bureaucracy
  • shitloads of drinks
  • very fast internet

Well, if you made it until here you probably realized that we want to talk to you. Without a suit: we ain`t no ECorp.

Via Skype. Or in person. With a coffee. Or a beer.

You are awesome

Come as you are, or write a mail to…

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