We build products.

mantro unites the competences of strategy consultancies, digital agencies and software service providers in order to holistically support product and solution development. With our service portfolio we are able to generate the ideal combination of early-stage-startups and corporate know-how. Thus, we create the perfect environment for creative and innovative approaches in order to realise new ideas and products.



We deliver concrete solutions for digital challenges in the service, product or strategy area. Our competences as a service provider reach from research and analysis over design and concept work to full stack development and implementation of outputs. Our experience as a digital entrepreneur enables us to perfectly complement the digital product development process. We deliver validated software, hardware and business models as plug-and-play solutions.


Innovation project

Today, agile and flexible project realisation is crucial for customer oriented and fast development and successful product positioning. Our innovation projects promise an external and creative approach for solving digital challenges all the way from an idea to the implementation of solutions. We analyse potentials and develop digital innovation. Always in the center of our work stands the fast realisation of concrete results.


Digital Fab

We help to accomplish the challenges of the digital age, to digitalise companies and to exploit new markets. Through establishing an ongoing innovation program, new ways of value adding action are implemented, custom-build for the specific strategy and structure of the company. Various initiatives serve to digitalise the portfolio of products and services as well as internal methods and processes. We accompany the whole corporation on the way of digital change.