The digital mobility budget

MOBIKO (short for mobility budget in German) is a digital and flexible to use mobility budget which employers offer their employees as an additional benefit for their work commute but also for free time journeys. Hereby, MOBIKO enables employees to use all modes of transportation and mobility services worldwide without any restrictions and allows to have the costs reimbursed by the employer via the MOBIKO App. For organizations MOBIKO is a tool, which can be used to actively encourage more sustainable mobility behaviour and save corporate mobility costs at the same time.



Mobility use as a benefit

With Mobiko, our goal is to be the incentive software for environmentally friendly and cost-saving mobility usage for companies. We want to offer companies a holistic solution for corporate mobility to harmonize ecological as well as economic responsibility with the values and needs of each employee.


Where we stand


Our motivation

In 2018, 11 percent of employees in Germany still drive a company car. This makes the personal company car one of the top motivation and incentive tools that employers offer their employees. However, as a rule, only managers and employees in the field are provided with a company car as a benefit. Another part of the workforce sometimes receives a job ticket for using public transport to get from home to work, and the rest of the workforce goes home empty-handed. Not only does the current mobility offer of companies not cover the individual needs of the employees and the emerging variety of new, flexible mobility offers, but also the introduction and handling of mobility services involves a high administrative burden for companies.



Audi Business Innovation GmbH

MOBIKO is the result of an innovation partnership between Audi Business Innovation GmbH and mantro GmbH from Munich.

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