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we partner with established businesses like you, to create tailor-made companies for the digital change your business needs.
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More than an affair

mantro is all about substantial company building.
We don’t validate and leave. We don’t find someone else to do our work. We are a long-term joint venture partner for real digital innovation.

New Business Discovery

Our structured ideation approach is a unique methodology for both B2B and B2C products that lays out an idea portfolio, identifies potential gaps and evaluates strategies.

Trustful Partnerships

It’s not our thing to be told what to do. We take the hard decision and kill things that won’t work. We build slam dunk products together with our partners and decide for the best approach on an equal level.

Real Validation

We are not a market research institute. We validate by going out, taking real risk, selling the product to a significant number of real customers and by iterating on our hypotheses using MVPs.

The Full Journey

Our joint journey doesn’t end after the sexy part of market validation and MVPs. We stick around until the business is in scale, discover and involve partners and improve the product in lean start-up mode.

Digital Innovation Process

15 years of experience, over 500 projects and the development of more than 23 ventures led us to our digital innovation process. It follows an investment logic, similar to a start-up’s journey.



We identify and validate strategic business potentials with our partner.
We establish a new company built on our infrastructure, people and motivation.
We create a start-up dedicated to become the next digital business for our partner.



We build the product, deliver it to real customers and industrialize it.
We let the company evolve in our ecosystem and acccelerate its development.
We develop the perfect organization for the venture and hire the right people.



We push the product to the market and let the venture team evolve.
We fully hand over the operations to the venture team.
We hand over the endeavor and deliver a successfully marketed business model.

Real Partnerships

We work with people. Here’s what people think about us.
Philipp Dehn
In collaboration with mantro we’re creating new digital products and business models. Pragmatic, trustful and perfectly aligned to our customer target groups.

Philipp Dehn

Emanuele Parlato
With its expertise in both technology and business mantro is the perfect addition to large technology companies for establishing new digital products.

Emanuele Parlato

Strategic Program Manager OSRAM
Veit Blumschein
Based on mantro’s structure and expertise we can offer our B2B customers a professional solution especially in the early phases of our product.

Veit Blumschein

CEO & Founder Lanes & Planes
Our work

Cross-industry ventures

We leverage the full potential of our ventures by combining our digital origins with the expertise and reach of our cross-industry partners

Digital Pioneering for more than a decade

We’ve started as a small consultancy and have grown into an international Company Builder.


More than 60 employees from 18 countries meet at mantro and create unique business.


Substantial know-how in product development comes from 15 years of experience in more than 500 projects and founding 23 companies including mantro.


We gather the best people and skills in the digital space to rapidly design and develop great digital business.
Our Team

Real people

Our team is our strength. We gather the best and brightest, the most open-minded and curious.
Ben SchüdzigManfred TropperMarkus Ortmann

Ben Schüdzig

CTO - Founder - Technology
We don't put technology first, but we make strong use of our technological DNA to create cutting-edge products.

Markus Ortmann

CEO - Founder - Product
We create rockstar products. Everything else is not good enough.
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Always cutting-edge

We don’t believe in staying in the dark. We believe in sharing. That’s why we go out and shout our knowledge to the world.
Was macht einen guten Innovation Manager aus? – mit Martin Unger

Was macht einen guten Innovation Manager aus? – mit Martin Unger

Martin Unger hat in seinem Leben als Seriengründer und Company Builder definitiv schon einiges gesehen und erlebt. Nach ersten Stationen als CTO hat er 2014 ebenfalls als CTO das uns allen bekannte St…

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Gibt es das richtige Innovationsvehikel? – mit Tobias Gutmann

Gibt es das richtige Innovationsvehikel? – mit Tobias Gutmann

Was braucht man eigentlich alles, um erfolgreich neue Produkte umzusetzen? Heute ist bei uns zu Gast Tobias Gutmann, Assistant Professor für Product Innovation an der European Business School. In sein…

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Success through structured Innovation – with Safir Jamal

Success through structured Innovation – with Safir Jamal

Safir Jamal is an experienced venture builder and corporate innovator, based in Silicon Valley. He is the Head of Strategy & Operations at Ford X, the Ford Motor Company's venture incubator, where…

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